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One fine day, as a truck laden with cattle rattled past our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, one of the passengers decided: The Cow Stops Here. She jumped. Not only did she survive, but she has thrived, and even produced several offspring. Because she embodies the free spirit of the Swartland, these wines pay tribute to our noble Nguni cow, Survivor.

The Nguni cattle breed is well known in Southern Africa and easily distinguished from other breeds by its distinctively pigmented hide and variety of coat colours. Also characteristic of the Nguni are the traits of adaptability, fertility, cow productivity, good temperament, calving ease, tolerance to parasites and disease, meat quality and hide quality.

Nguni cattle are heat and light tolerant and can handle extreme heat and cold alike. They are adaptable and hardy and possess excellent resistance to internal and external parasites with natural immunity to tick-borne diseases. Early maturity, fertility, ease of calving and longevity ensures that cows have long and productive lives, cows will produce 10 or more calves. The cows show great efficiency and often wean calves that weigh 45-50% of their body mass. The average birth weight of calves is 22.5kg and wean at approximately 175kg, they grow at about 0.70 kg per day until weaning.


Mainly high potential Hutton and Oakleaf soils with high water retention which are suited for the production of premium quality cultivars.

These soils provide a longer window period for optimum ripeness without losing any flavours.

Supplementary irrigation is advantageous during dry seasons or heat waves as it can be utilised to maintain quality.

The vines are situated in such a way that the cooling effect of the Benguela sea breezes is optimised.

Due to this the farm is situated most likely in one of the coolest Swartland areas.


Our Elgin wines are represented by pure fruit flavours supported by an underlying minerality.

This wine from Elgin are by definition an expression of their terroir.

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